Kylie Jenner Just Got A New Mystery Piercing

Kylie Jenner is back from her well-documented birthday trip. What do you do after living it up with your squad in three — yep, three — mansions in Turks and Caicos, launching your own line of birthday-themed makeup, and trying out a controversial new hair color and style? Well, if you're a beauty daredevil like this young entrepreneur, you get a piercing.

The 19-year-old posted a mysterious photo of herself at what appears to be a tattoo parlor with her beau Tyga. The Snapchat image contains one simple, two-word caption: "new piercings." But other than that, King Kylie stayed mum. There are no follow-up snaps that reveal what her new piercings are. Not even a little glimpse as to what body part she chose to adorn. What a tease, that one.

We do know that Kylie already has an industrial and a sprinkling of piercings on her ears, so is she simply adding to her collection? Did she and Tyga get matching piercings? Or, could she be following in the footsteps of her older sister and adding pierced nipples to her repertoire? Time and social media will tell all...eventually.

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