Half Of Kim Kardashian’s Clothes Are Actually Kanye’s

Borrowing clothes from your significant other may be a common practice, but Kim Kardashian has taken it to a whole new level. She recently told People she raids Kanye's wardrobe on the regular. “I steal his shirts on a daily basis," she said. "I pretty much wear half his closet and half mine.” She said he's even played stylist for her. Once, he got rid of a bunch of her clothes and gave her wardrobe a makeover. But Kim was too attached to her old staples to throw them away. “I saved them all for my daughter, before I even had a daughter, so one day she could see,” she said. As a designer himself, Kanye's constantly inspiring his wife and exposing her to new people and ideas in the fashion world, she added. It just goes to show that behind every celebrity fashion icon, there's a dutiful spouse making sure they don't hoard their old shoes.

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