9 Lipsticks Celebs Actually Wear On The Red Carpet

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
I'm that friend who somehow always has what you need in my bag. A piece of gum, a Band-Aid, a nail file? Check, check, check. But most importantly, at any given moment, I have enough lipsticks on my person to create any possible look. Hot pink, dark burgundy, classic red, the perfect nude...they're all there. But despite the fact that I already own every shade I could ever need, I can never resist another shiny new tube. After all, I tell myself, they're all slightly different.

Never is the urge to add to my collection stronger than when I see a celebrity wearing an awesome color on the red carpet. If an A-lister thought a lipstick was good enough for the Oscars, it's got to be a superstar product, right? So, I did a little digging and rounded up nine lipsticks that celebs rely on for their most glamorous events. Check 'em out ahead, and get ready to shell out.

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