That Time Adele’s Credit Card Was Declined

Adele is a superstar who could fill a swimming pool with $100 bills but still manage to keep it real. She's so real, in fact, that she had her credit card declined. The singer shared her "pretty embarrassing" story with the audience at her San Jose, CA, concert on Sunday night, as The Daily Mirror reports. According to Adele, she was partaking in some retail therapy at a local H&M when her card was rejected. "I went to H&M and my card got declined," she said. "Oh my days, pretty embarrassing. Nobody knew it was me, but I was mortified." To make matters worse, her dachshund then tried to "claw another dog," she revealed. On a brighter note, she was at least able to use her card at Sephora. For what it's worth, Forbes lists the crooner's net worth at $80.5 million. If we were her, we'd totally go back to the store and pull this move.

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