Have You Noticed This In All Of Kylie Jenner's Instagrams?

Illustrated by Norah Stone.
Kylie Jenner, who turns 19 on August 10, is an icon of the millennial generation. Sorry if that upsets you, but just take a look at your Instagram feed and you will understand just how massive her influence really is based on the thousands of carbon copies you see.

She has a face so recognizable that it has launched a thousand camera flashes. The impressionable youth™ of today has tried to mimic her lips, her style, and most recently, her hand positions.

Gone are the days of the simple thumbs up or open-palm wave. No longer is it acceptable to merely place your hands delicately at your side. And don't even try to upload a picture involving your hands without a full coat of polish.

You don't have to play by Jenner's rules, but if you're interested in what all of her distinctive gestures mean, and how to replicate them, we've got your "handy" guide right here. It's not narcissism, it's just embracing the selfie craze — one finger at a time.
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Illustrated by Norah Stone.
The Pinky Pucker
To create the perfect "pinky pucker," one must get creative with hand placement, as this is not a natural pose. Place your right pinky finger (bonus points if you have a pinky ring) on your bottom lip, but only just barely. Fish-gape the lips a bit, and hide the rest of your fingers under your chin or behind your ear. Kylie often has extremely long nails, which are all the better to point with.

For when you are wearing gold grills or showing off a new lip color.
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Illustrated by Norah Stone.
The "deuces" is a modern-day peace sign. It is miles ahead of the average MySpace version of the same pose. The camera is straight on, the lips are puckered, and the fingers are at a slight tilt. This is Kylie's most engaged hand position of all her creative gestures.

For special occasions only, like selfies with Drake.
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Illustrated by Norah Stone.
The Hand On Hip
Take a look at Kylie's Instagram and you will notice that this is by far her most used pose. This gesture says, "Oh, a mirror! Let me snap a quick pic and then I'll be on my way." But in reality, it probably took dozens of tries to get that perfect hand-draped-loosely-at-hip shot. To make it a more dynamic look, try reaching your right arm across your body — like a nice hug for yourself.

For when your outfit is more on fleek than your face.
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Illustrated by Norah Stone.
Thumb Nibble
The finger is in the mouth again so don't try this one during flu season. Best for summer months only, or if you are the new face of Puma. All you have to do is configure your hand into a nearly unclenched fist, and then place your thumb in your mouth. But not your whole thumb because you're not a child.

For when you're hungry and see your food come out at a restaurant.
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Illustrated by Norah Stone.
The Gasp
This gesture contains within it mystery and surprise. Sometimes all you need to do is let your eyes and your nails do the talking. Open your mouth just a bit and then clamp your claws onto your lips, but at an angle, to not obstruct the view of your manicure. Keep this shot tight, so people can really peer into your soul.

For when you are realizing things.
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Illustrated by Norah Stone.
The Fish Hook
At this point, you might be wondering how Kylie could still be discovering new ways to pose with her hands, but here she is. Make your finger look like a fish hook and then use it to push up your top lip, like it's a toothbrush.

For when you take that millionth selfie of the day and start to wonder, "Does anyone even notice how inventive I am with these goddamn brilliant poses?"

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