We Can't Believe Kylie Jenner Has To Deal With This EVERY DAY

There's a lot to envy about Kylie Jenner. But one thing we're definitely not jealous of? The crazy attention she gets from the paparazzi every time she sets foot in public. The reality star and makeup guru shared a few Snapchat videos that give a firsthand look at just now nuts the paps can be.

In the clips, you can see photographers falling over each other trying to get a shot. You can hear them yelling her name; the constant flashing of the cameras is blinding. The whole thing is aggressive, surreal, and gives us no desire to be in her shoes.

Now, the Kardashian-Jenner clan makes no secret of its ambitions to become evermore famous and make even more money. Plus, over-the-top media attention is part of the deal when you're a celebrity. But for any 18-year-old girl to face that kind of ambush on the regular is a terrifying prospect. It's called personal space, dudes.


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