See What Putting On 100 Layers of Face Mask Is Like

The "100 Layers" video craze is still whipping through YouTube and it's still making most people's skin crawl. The viral videos feature insane beauty bloggers, like Josefin Lillakas, wearing 100 layers of a beauty product. There's been foundation, makeup, and liquid lipstick. Now, Swedish vlogger Lillakas is back with another creepy vid. This time, she's wearing 100 layers of a face mask. Yes, it's as gross and intriguing as it sounds. She decided to overload her face with cleansing products after many commenters worried that her face would breakout from the 100 layers of foundation she applied. Worst of all, she's wearing an onyx-colored mask, so she looks like Batman. "I don't know, maybe this was a bad decision," she says around layer three. That doesn't stop her, though. After layer two, she paused to let the mask dry — by blowing her face with a hairdryer. In the end, she could literally pull off the face mask as if it were a second skin. She peeled it off and pulled some facial hair off at the same time. "It's like gum," Lillakas declares. "It's so sticky." Now that's beauty dedication.

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