Obama Has Settled On A Location For His Presidential Library

After each U.S. president serves in the White House, they get a Presidential Library to commemorate their term. Now that Barack Obama's time as president is coming to a close, the Obamas have selected a location for his library. They considered several places including New York and Hawaii, but ultimately, they settled on Chicago's Jackson Park. Michelle Obama was born in the city, and Barack Obama lived there for several years while he worked as a community organizer and taught at University of Chicago Law School. "I really became a man when I moved to Chicago," Obama says in an NBC Chicago video. There was some disagreement over whether park space should be used for this purpose, but Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel believed this would be a "unique opportunity" for Chicago to gain national attention. “The city of Chicago was instrumental in demonstrating to the President and First Lady the advantages of locating the future Obama Presidential Center in the city, and the University of Chicago brought to life the broad potential and vital energy of the South Side,” Barack Obama Foundation chairman Martin Nesbitt told NBC Chicago in a statement. The same architects who designed the University of Chicago's Logan Center for the Arts will help create the library. Visitors should be able to see Obama's archives and a museum dedicated to him there within five years.

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