Obama For SCOTUS? Hillary Clinton Thinks It’s A “Great Idea”

Photo: Rob Latour/REX Features.
So far, one issue that hasn't gained a lot of attention during the 2016 campaign season is the question of Supreme Court justice nominations. But former secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton offered a surprising SCOTUS suggestion during a campaign event on Tuesday night. At a rally in Iowa, a man in the audience asked Clinton if she'd consider nominating President Obama to the Supreme Court, if she's elected as America's next president. Clinton appeared thrilled at the suggestion, The Huffington Post reports. "Wow, what a great idea! Nobody has ever suggested that to me," Clinton said at the rally, according to The Huffington Post. "Wow. I love that!" Clinton recognized, though, that Obama "may have a few other things to do" after he steps down as Commander-in-Chief. There's also the fact that none of the current Supreme Court justices has expressed interest in retirement, though several of the current justices are aging. Specifically, many people have speculated about when Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire. But as The Huffington Post notes, Obama isn't actually the strangest suggestion for a SCOTUS nomination. Before he was elected President, Obama taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School.

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