Update: Republicans Aren’t Happy With Trump’s Remarks On The Khan Family

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Update: Following Khizr Khan's DNC speech about his late son, a Muslim Army captain killed in Iraq, Donald Trump told ABC News that Khan delivered the speech because his wife wasn't "allowed" to speak, prompting her to write a Washington Post op-ed. "If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably — maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say, you tell me,” Trump said to ABC News. Meanwhile, Ghazala Khan wrote in her op-ed that her husband asked if she wanted to speak at the convention, but she didn't. "My religion teaches me that all human beings are equal in God’s eyes," Ghazala wrote. "When Donald Trump is talking about Islam, he is ignorant." Other prominent Republicans, including John McCain and Paul Ryan, have denounced Trump's remarks. "In recent days, Donald Trump disparaged a fallen soldier’s parents," McCain wrote in a prepared statement. “He has suggested that the likes of their son should not be allowed in the United States — to say nothing of entering its service. I cannot emphasize enough how deeply I disagree with Mr. Trump’s statement. I hope Americans understand that the remarks do not represent the views of our Republican Party, its officers or candidates.” In addition, after Khan's DNC appearance, sales of mini-Constitutions are apparently up. The Guardian reported on Sunday that a pocket-sized version of the U.S. Constitution has become an Amazon best seller after Khan's convention speech. During his speech, Khan held up a miniature copy of the Constitution, addressing Donald Trump as he asked, "Have you even read the United States Constitution?"

This article was originally published on July 29, 2016.
On Thursday night, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made national headlines and delivered a historic speech. But her words aren't the only ones inspiring Americans this week. Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim American soldier who was killed in the line of duty in Iraq, shared his powerful message for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Khan spoke at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night, as well — about the loss of his son, Capt. Humayun Khan. "Donald Trump, you're asking Americans to trust you with their future," Khan said at the DNC. "Let me ask you, have you even read the United States' Constitution?" "Hillary Clinton was right when she called my son 'the best of America,'" Khan said in his speech. "If it was up to Donald Trump, he never would have been in America." His statements were in reference to Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States.
"You have sacrificed nothing," Khan said in his speech, addressing Trump. He also offered to share his copy of the Constitution with the presidential candidate. Khan's son is 1 of 14 Muslims in the U.S. military who have died in service since September 11, 2001, BuzzFeed News noted. There are more than 5,000 Muslims currently serving in the U.S. military, according to a December report from the Defense Department. Watch Khan's powerful speech from the DNC in the video below.

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