Too Faced’s New Peach Palettes Will Definitely Sell Out

Update (August 19, 2016): Too Faced is continuing to drop teasers about its Peach collection: Now we know what's inside the Papa Don't Peach tin. (The doe-eyed peach on the front is cute, but not cute enough to distract us.) An Instagram photo surfaced yesterday revealing the illuminating, coral blush compact. It appears to have an ombré hue, and we're thinking the color can double as a quick flush on the cheeks and a shimmering highlight. We have yet to find out the release date, but we'll keep sleuthing.
Update (August 8, 2016): Blandino is on a product-reveal roll, with no intentions of slowing down. Last month, he teased what we're hoping is a new peach highlighter. And just yesterday, he gave us a peek at another peach-themed product, adorably named "Papa Don't Peach." Things we know: It's a palette, and it smells like peaches. Things we don't know: anything else. Some fans are convinced it's a blush, while others are speculating it's a blush-bronzer combo. We'd be happy with either one!

This story was originally published on July 29, 2016, at 12:40 p.m.
Too Faced is churning out food-themed product launches so fast, we had to set up a Google Alert just to keep track. The latest one that sent our phones a-buzzing? Another peach palette. Cue the angel chorus. Like the fruit, the details are a little fuzzy. The company's cofounder Jerrod Blandino posted a sneak peek of the Sweet Peach Glow product on Instagram with this cryptic caption: "In a world bathed in far too much darkness I thought today I'd spread a little light, well more of a Glow actually!" Some of the accompanying hashtags (#SweetPeachGlow #spring) lead us to believe the palette isn't going to be released until next year (sigh), so there's plenty of time to speculate on what the heck it actually is. Our guess: a set of highlighters with a peach-scented twist. If the fan reactions to Blandino's post — including "IM GONNA LOSE MY FUCKING SHIT," and "RIP me" — are any indication, this is going to be a makeup release for the books.

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