This Is Why Some Republicans Are Pissed Off At Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has played a talking raccoon, an FBI agent with a perm, and a man under the influence of a smart drug. He's also played the late military sniper and Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, and that's why some people are upset with his latest appearance. Cooper and girlfriend Irina Shayk were spied hanging out at the Democratic National Convention last night, and, as The Daily Beast notes, that's riled up certain members of the GOP. Though Kyle, who died in 2013 and was portrayed by Cooper in American Sniper, is regarded as a military hero by many, he and his widow Taya are much more closely aligned with Republican values. As such, Cooper's presence at the DNC is ruffling feathers. The outrage is real, folks. Here's a selection of the tweets bashing Cooper for his political affiliation.
Cooper's name soon started trending on Twitter, prompting some hilarious backlash to the backlash. Other Republicans tried to be the voice of reason.

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