Seth Meyers Gets Real About “Bernie Or Bust”

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Thanks to Seth Meyers, diehard Sen. Sanders supporters are feeling the comedy burn. Even if you missed the Democratic National Convention, you've probably heard that Sarah Silverman and other speakers were booed by some of Sanders' fans when they mentioned the winning nominee, Hillary Clinton. A small, but vocal, group of Sanders' supporters, the Bernie or Bust people, are dismayed that Sanders has now thrown his support to Clinton. Silverman has already told the supporters that they were "being ridiculous." Now, Meyers is taking on the Bernie or Bust movement via a Late Night sketch. Meyers criticized the group, encouraging unity within the Democratic party to defeat Donald Trump. "The house is on fire," Meyers said in the segment. "Stop crying, because we're not putting it out with your hose."
"We are on the cusp of electing a racist demagogue, and that never ends well," he added. "I don't know which class you ditched to go to those Bernie rallies, but I have a feeling it was history." As a reminder, Sanders himself has said that he'll vote for Clinton in November. At the DNC, he asked Democrats to "take a moment to think about the Supreme Court justices that Donald Trump would nominate and what that would mean to civil liberties, equal rights, and the future of our country." "Now is the time to be quiet," Meyers said, addressing the Bernie or Bust movement head-on. Watch his impassioned speech in the clip, below.

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