Kim Kardashian Accidentally Gave North A Spray Tan

Our #KKWinnercircle is up on @kimkardashian's app! (We have not spray tanned our babies) (today)

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Ever want to be a fly on the wall during a Kim Kardashian-and-Chrissy Teigen hangout session? We do, too. (I mean, obviously we'd prefer to be the third bestie in the group, but we'll settle for fly on the wall.) Well, today, our famous-friend fantasies are (sort of) coming to life in the latest installment of the “Inner Circle” feature on Kim’s app, which shows the new moms having a couch session. Some might be surprised that they talk about the same stuff we do with our friends: how to modify a classic mac-'n'-cheese recipe (Velveeta, y’all), silly fights with their partners at weddings (blame it on the alcohol), how Spanx bonds friendships, and the internet meme that they both relate to on a ridiculous level. The meme in question? A beauty-related #momfail: “Have you seen those memes of moms who nursed and forgot they had been spray-tanned, and the baby’s face is like...?” Chrissy asks. Kim dives in, “Yeah, that happened to North once.” Guys, it just got real in here.

We agree! #poorkid #spraytanfail #waituntilyoushower

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This isn't the first time Teigen has shared her post-baby spray-tan challenges and reminded us
that mixing a golden glow with mom duty is asking for trouble. (And, not to mention, dangerous if the baby ingests the formula.) Remember: if some of the most glamorous moms in Hollywood stain their kids with self-tanner, it can happen to anyone.

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