These Sexist Theories About Why Rob Deleted Blac Chyna From Instagram Are Awful

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You've probably heard that Rob Kardashian appears to have erased all evidence of Blac Chyna from his Instagram. He deleted all but one of his photos and un-followed her. Of course, people are up in arms on social media. The question on everyone's mind: Did Rob and Chyna break up?
We have no idea, and we're as curious as you are. So far, a handful of theories behind their alleged breakup have emerged. Unfortunately, most of them involve trashing Blac Chyna. People are making sexist accusations and bashing her character. It's all pretty disgusting. Here are the trending theories out there right now — ranked from least to most sexist, for your convenience.
1. It's a publicity stunt. People think they are fabricating the drama in order to promote their upcoming reality show. The couple's show is supposed to premiere this summer, and tabloid coverage could indeed encourage people to tune in to see whether their downfall was caught on camera.
2. It's a publicity stunt gone wrong. Others have long been convinced that the entire relationship in the first place was for PR — faux relationship, faux breakup. Getting pregnant just for publicity? Damn, that's a serious accusation.
3. It's Khloé's fault. Because why not shade a Kardashian sister when you can?

4. Blac Chyna is cheating.
Rumors are swirling that Rob found "suspicious texts" on his fiancée's phone. Of course, there's speculation that she's cheating on Rob with Tyga, the father of her child; plus, Tyga is dating Rob's sister, Kylie. Totally baseless so far.

5. Blac Chyna is an evil snake.
People are just making general accusations that Chyna is cooking something up without even pretending to have a good reason to say so.

6. Blac Chyna is a gold-digger.
Yes, really. She just wants child-support money from Rob. As one person points out on Twitter, that tired and offensive narrative is not only sexist but racist: "She's a Black woman dating well-known men. Gotta be a gold digger!" Ugh, gross.

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