This Brand Is Making Dude Lingerie — & It’s Gorgeous

Photo: Courtesy of Menagerié.
Here's a question you've probably never asked yourself: Why don't men wear lingerie? It's one of those topics that, until now, has never really needed addressing. But Menagerié, an actual lingerie brand for men, is here to change the discourse on gender-specific intimates.
Founded by Roman Sipe in 2014, Menagerié has a pretty obvious etymology, but its mission is more complex. In Sipe's own words, "[We want] to bring more adornment and beauty to men's fashion, but still remind people that it is a brand for men." With that, Sipe acknowledges the flamboyant aesthetic of the brand, but strives to preserve masculinity in his efforts to appeal to men of all sexualities (by way of brief and boxer-short cuts). Understandable, sure, considering lingerie has been marketed only to women for over a century.
Menagerié offers everything from underwear and loungewear to fragrance and even its version of a male waist trainer. Ahead, we spoke to Sipe about male body diversity, the reaction the line has received from customers, and what the heck a male waist trainer actually does.

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