Paris Hilton’s Bag Is Filled With The Most Paris Hilton Things Ever

Ever wonder what Paris Hilton carries around in her purse all day? Okay, probably not. Or maybe you're somewhat curious, but that question likely isn't one that crosses your mind multiple times a week. Regardless, Racked got an exclusive inside scoop on the items the "superstar socialite" can't live without, and they're pretty...expected. In no particular order, her eight must-haves are as follows: an iPhone (which is obviously expected, given Hilton's current status as reigning Snapchat queen); a Mophie; her latest fragrance, Gold Rush; Mentos gum; a bronzer brush; lipgloss (#TBT) and a strobing kit, both from her namesake makeup line; and a pair of oversized sunglasses (because the sun never sets on a badass globe-trotting heiress). To be completely honest, the inside of Paris Hilton's bag in 2016 feels a lot like what the inside of Paris Hilton's bag would look like in 2006 (just swap the iPhone for a pink Motorola Razr). And we kind of love it. The thing about Paris Hilton is, even as trends come and go, as people evolve and abandon their roots, the 35-year-old has stayed true to who she is — and her life filled with pink, puppies, and private jets galore. She has no shame in self-promotion — as seen from her incessant snaps from Ibiza, her branding on basically everything (including her aforementioned bag, and a good amount of things inside it), and her impending hotel chain (which, honestly, is the least surprising Paris Hilton news I've heard in a long time) — nor does she care what other people think. In a world of celeb and social-media insanity, her transparency is refreshing, even if it's totally unrelatable. And that reason alone is why we kind of actually care to see what's inside her bag: because she's fascinatingly aspirational and somehow totally real at the same damn time.

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