Here’s Everything Important That Happened Day 1 Of Comic-Con

Comic-Con has come a long way from its roots. What started out as a convention exclusively for the most devoted of fans has become an all-inclusive festival featuring some of the most popular characters, actors, and creators on the planet. Not everything that happens is noteworthy, but there were some major highlights from Day 1. First off, John Bradley discussed the end of Game of Thrones. The actor, who plays Samwell Tarley, says that the show is following in the footsteps of great TV dramas like Breaking Bad and Mad Men with its two shortened final seasons. He still doesn’t know the ending, though.
We learned that the upcoming Moana won’t feature a love interest for its princess, in a modern move by Disney. Read more about that here. Mr. Robot played a 12-minute mini-episode via VR headset. The episode, which consisted of only a few scenes, showed Elliot and the now-dead Shayla visiting Coney Island, dancing, and having a great time. Only the memory glitches and Elliot is left alone. He rises and gets to work on his computer, a major departure from the first three episodes of season two. The Mr. Robot cast and crew also dropped some major knowledge on what would be happening in the upcoming season. That included revelations about character psychology and how the second season will be much more explosive than the first. Netflix announced that Daredevil would be returning for a third season.

Luke Cage
, featuring characters from Jessica Jones, got its first trailer. It looks amazing, like a fitting third to join Matt Murdock and Jones in their own crime-fighting superhero team.
That team, of course, had a trailer of their own. Big day for Netflix and Marvel!
Some new Suicide Squad content dropped. First, we got more of a look at Margot Robbie’s soon-to-be-iconic Harley Quinn. Second, Jared Leto’s creepy Joker got his own trailer, complete with green hair and weird laugh. What a fun guy.
Finally, Cara Delevingne debuted a new short-hair look in a promotional appearance for the upcoming Valerian. The film itself, based on an iconic French comic book and directed by Luc Besson, sounds insane and possibly awesome.

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