3 Things We Learned About Selena Gomez’s Instagram Success

Last week, The Hollywood Reporter talked to Selena Gomez about what it's like to be the queen of Instagram. Gomez is the most popular person on the social media platform, with over 90 million followers. With that insane number of followers, it's pretty hard to believe that she doesn't have a digital consultant. That's right, she's achieved Instagram fame all on her own. Selena shared some of her secrets to success with The Hollywood Reporter. Here's what we learned.

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1. Selena doesn't plan her posts.

Instead, she opts for what comes naturally. She says, "It comes in a moment when I capture something happening, and I go, 'Oh, that would be great for Instagram. I should post it.'" And many of the photos of herself aren't staged — they're actually shot by her tour photographer, who she says she's "created this bond with." Would it be weird if we hired someone to follow us around and take 'grammable photos of us all day long? Um, yeah, maybe just a little…

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2. She genuinely loves Instagram.
Gomez might be so popular on Instagram — yes, because she posts frequently — but also because she has a lot of fun with her photos, and it shows. She told THR, "It's my favorite social platform." She's all about experimenting with different features and loves using the app's recent update that lets you post 60-second videos.

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3. When in doubt, use emoji.
The most practical tip Selena Gomez offered in the interview: If you're having trouble coming up with a clever caption, no sweat — just tack on a cute or funny emoji and tap post. (Of course, this is something that every millennial already knows.) You can check out the article to read more about how Gomez effortlessly became the hottest Instagrammer of all time. And now, armed with Selena's Instagram tips, along with Snapchat secrets from Kylie Jenner, we, too, can rule the social media world like stars.

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