15 Celebrities Who Never Had Kids & That’s Okay

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI/BEI/Shutterstock.
Brace yourself for a guilt trip: July 24 — that's Sunday — is Parents' Day. We're willing to bet you haven't bought a card. Why does Hallmark make us jump through these hoops?
While everyone else is toasting mom and dad, we thought we'd highlight a few famous folks who, for whatever reason, never reproduced. Some were (and are) stepparents, some raised animals, and some, as Jennifer Aniston recently put it, don't accept the outdated notion that they are "somehow incomplete, unsuccessful, or unhappy if they’re not married with children." More power to 'em.
Here, 15 child-free celebrities sound off on why parenting never panned out for them. In the cases of Aniston and longtime fatherhood-denier George Clooney, it's a matter of never say never, but there's no judgment either way. There's no shame in putting career above kids or simply not wanting to add to the planet's population.

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