30 Random Rom-Com Couples That Didn’t Quite Work

On-screen chemistry is a tricky thing. On paper, Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader seem like the last two people on earth you'd want to see having a steamy affair (especially after The Blacklist). And, yet, Secretary sizzled.
Meanwhile, Hollywood keeps playing spin-the-bottle with its hottest stars. Sometimes you get an Ashton and a Mila and call it a day. Sometimes you get an Ashton and Natalie, or Ashton and Katherine, and wonder what went wrong. Or, you get a leading man who was on his second wife by the time the woman playing his love interest was born. Or, a male lead (cough, Adam Sandler, cough) who always scores gorgeous, good-hearted girlfriends despite playing guys you wouldn't even want to sit next to on a plane. Or, you get Dane Cook. Yep.
Try as they might, these rom-com couples and plots just didn't work for us. We know they can't all be Tom and Meg or Ryan and Emma, but c'mon, guys.

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