Even Restaurant Chains Are Getting In On The Swift-Kimye Feud

As you surely know by now, the epic feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West got reignited late last night thanks to a revealing Snapchat video from Kim Kardashian West. Since then, pretty much everyone in the universe has been offering up their opinions on the situation and taking sides. And now, even the casual diner chain Denny's is weighing in. Okay, so Denny's isn't actually siding with either celeb, but it did take advantage of the attention surrounding the bad blood between Swift and West with one hilarious tweet. The company tweeted a parody of T-Swifts now-famous note responding to Kim's Snapchat. Denny's equates being falsely accused of not staying open 24 hours to "character assassination," which honestly may be just as ridiculous as Taylor's use of the term. Perhaps the funniest part of the parody is that it even includes the controversial "search" in the top-left corner of the note.
The post was a bold move on Denny's part seeing as Taylor Swift wields a lot of power. Her sizable squad and her fans may take up a boycott of the restaurant. Though, chances are a lot more people will think the note is just a funny take on a ridiculous, yet significant, pop-culture moment.

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