Netflix Just Launched Mixtapes for Your TV

Mixtapes just got a whole new makeover for 2016 and it’s all thanks to Netflix. Today, the online streaming company launched Flixtape, a feature the website describes as “a short playlist of Netflix titles based around a theme, a mood, or message.” It’s like the heartfelt custom CDs of your youth, but for your couch.
Flixtape, which encompasses both TV shows and movies, takes the guesswork out of Netflix’s recommendations, instead allowing users to curate exactly the titles they’re looking for in a few simple steps. First, Flixtape interprets a user’s playlist based on the name alone, suggesting three possible titles that might be of interest. For instance, creating “The Strong Women Flixtape” summons titles like Orange Is The New Black, Pretty Little Liars, and The 100, but users can add up to six more, as well as remove or swap out the original options, before sharing it with their followers and friends. When adding more titles, Flixtape continues to prompt users with suggestions, but it can be as random or as specific as they’d like. Or, just sit back and enjoy some of Flixtape’s ready-made playlists, like “The Family Reunion Flixtape” and “The Summertimes Flixtape.” While users can’t watch their way through the playlists (a la YouTube), this feature allows for much more personal navigation and streaming — a bite-sized chunk of binge-watching perfect for the weekend.

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