One Unexpected Benefit Of Having More Sex

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
You probably already know about the many wonderful health benefits of having sex (or, at least, we hope you do). But if sex in general is great, frequent sex is amazing — and having satisfying intimate experiences more often, in certain circumstances, may improve not just your physical well-being but also your emotional wellness. For instance, a study published in 2014 in Social Psychological and Personality Science followed 371 college students for 12 weeks. Researchers found that, for those who enjoyed casual sex, having more of it was associated with a whole host of great things linked to well-being — including higher self-esteem. (However, getting more casual sex didn't have the same effect if participants weren't into it.) Bonus: Solo sexy time has also been shown to improve self-confidence. And then there's the research showing that women (especially millennial women) with higher self-esteem also report having more satisfying sex, according to a 2011 study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health. That included regularly having more orgasms and engaging more often in communication and exploration during sex. Although men showed a similar trend, it wasn't statistically significant. But that association certainly doesn't happen immediately. Other research has found stark differences in the way men and women tend to experience losing their virginities. Namely, the experience increases self-confidence in men and reduces it in women. As another study found in 2011, this is especially true for our confidence in our appearance. Which, in a society that places so much importance on that for women, can have far-reaching consequences for self-esteem. So, obviously, simply having more sex isn't going to magically make you more confident. But, under the right circumstances, you might just get a nice little boost with that booty call.

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