We’re Stocking Up On This Affordable Unisex Line

Sometimes, when we're sick of fussy clothing, fast fashion trends, and jacked-up pricing, nothing feeds our style craving quite like beelining to the men's section and stocking up on some packs of simple tees and perfectly oversized sweats (thank goodness for athleisure, right?).
Lately, the notion of agender clothing has been embraced by high-end designers who have created items that blur the line between what's considered "men's" and what's considered "women's." But, save for Zara's brief experiment with the concept, it hasn't exactly been made readily available at a lower price point. So, when we saw menswear basics brand Nephews, which launched back in 2015 with the mission of quality essentials at an honest price, dropping a limited-edition unisex line, we wasted no time stocking up.
In collaboration with YouTuber Luca Fersko, whose minimal-yet-streetwear-focused style has racked up over 230,000 subscribers on the platform, the selection of staples features tees and trousers at prices that won't have you dipping into your savings account. For us, it's the subtle design elements — like the mockneck and wide-neck details and slim, cropped trousers — that have us sold (and the fact that everything is around $30 to $50).
Click on to refresh your stash of basics while you still can, and in the meantime, we'll be hoping more brands are turned on to this genderless aesthetic — it sure would make getting dressed in the morning a breeze.

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