Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 10 Recap: Happy Birthday, Kourtney!

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We all know that “family” is a guiding principal for the Kardashians. They spend a lot of time talking about the importance of family, the meaning of family, and the responsibilities of being family. To their credit, they walk the walk, at least by outward appearances, showing up to each other’s events, sharing in each other’s successes, and generally having each other’s backs. In this week’s episode, we see this support network travel all the way to Iceland for Kanye’s video shoot. And back at home, we witness the ongoing drama between Khloé and Rob, and some handwringing from Scott, the one who’s left behind. No episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians this season would be complete without some serious screen time dedicated to the rift that has formed between Khloé and Rob. They’ve been bickering since he moved out, and the relationship drama with Blac Chyna has only made the situation worse. Kourtney asks Khloé if she has told anyone about Rob and Chyna expecting. “I’ve got no one to tell,” Khloé says. She can’t be happy for a couple she doesn’t really know, she explains to Kourtney. Kourtney repeats the family line on the whole Rob matter: “Children are a blessing. I just want Rob to be happy.” Lamar is the next person to confront Khloé, in a nice way, about Rob. He asks her if Rob is actually getting married. Khloé shrugs it off. She says she doesn’t talk to him. He talks to her sisters more than her. Lamar convinces her to call Rob, even though she doubts Rob will answer. Surprise! Rob picks up. He falls into the easy rapport that he has always had with Lamar. The two men make plans for dinner. Once again, Rob is getting along with everyone except Khloé. At least that’s how she sees it. What’s that rule about things happening in threes? For Khloé, Malika is the third person in the episode to ask her about Rob. The answer is always the same. Malika, who was always part of the scene at Khloé and Lamar’s house when Rob was living there, offers her educated opinion: “I just wish you guys could break the ice. Even to hear it is very strange.” Khloé doesn’t disagree, but she’s also at her wit’s end. Rob and Lamar hook up for Taco Thursday, and Lamar brings up the subject again. Rob acknowledges that they need to talk, but it is obvious he is in major conflict-avoidance mode. The two men force the issue by surprising Khloé. It is awkward. Like, strangers on a blind date awkward. The hug is forced. “Long time, no see,” Khloé says. They just have to get over it, get past it, and get through it. The men try to deflect the awkwardness with a group double date, but Khloé isn’t having it. She and Rob have to work this out alone. It’s family business that needs to be handled by the family. “I want my relationship back with my brother,” she says. The Khloé and Rob soap opera may have taken up a lot of airtime this season, but the complicated relationship between Kourtney and Scott has taken up a lot of airtime every season. This week in the Sad Scott show, Disick is struggling with what to do for Kourtney’s birthday. They’ve been together for each of their birthdays for the last 10 years, but that isn’t the plan for this year. Kourtney has decided to go to Iceland with the Kim and Kanye. Kanye is filming a video there, and Kim is going along for moral support. The Kardashian band of birthday-and-music-video merrymakers, including Kim, Kanye, Kourtney, Kim’s friends Jonathan and Simon, and Kourtney’s friend Nichole, jets off to Reykjavik. More than once, Iceland is referred to as a “bucket list” spot, no doubt much to the delight of the country's tourism board. Back at home, Scott is still struggling with Kourtney being gone. He keeps asking everyone if he should surprise Kourtney by flying to Iceland. No one gives him the answer he’s looking for, so he just keeps asking. He stops by Kris’ house for her opinion. She’s nice about it, but she doesn’t think he should go. She reminds Scott what Kourtney wants from him: “Be a good person and a great dad. Do it first for yourself, then for the kids, then for her.”
Scott listens but doesn’t hear her. Or he doesn’t want to. “You’ve had all of these memories, and then they’re stopping one by one.” Oh, Scott. Get it together, man. Later, when he asks Kim straight up if he should go, she gives him a flat-out "no." Meanwhile, in the Land of the Fire and Ice, Kourtney is visiting an organic tomato farm. Kanye is trying his best to avoid the bumblebees that pollinate the tomato plants. No one seems to be into the tomato ice cream. Kourtney may be homesick, but she’s got bucket-list things to do. The group (minus Kanye because this is a work trip for him, after all) meets up at a hot spring called the Blue Lagoon. It does indeed look like a magical place, even with the Kardashians et al snapping selfies and talking about Rob and Blac Chyna and TMZ. Kim asks her sister what’s going on with Scott. Just trying to co-parent, Kourtney replies like the celebrity that she is. He may be missing her back in California, but she’s living it up. “Experiences together are great, but we are going to have experiences not together, and that’s important as well.” She truly is the philosopher of the bunch. Kim keeps bringing up Kanye’s video shoot on the glacier. It doesn’t take a close read to realize that she’s not going to make it. Kim wants to make Kourtney’s birthday special and support her husband’s creative efforts. “I want to be in two places at once,” she says. In a surreal moment that pulls into sharp focus just how far the Kardashians' fame reaches, a group of teenagers sing “Happy Birthday” to Kourtney. Even in this small, remote country, the Kardashians draw a big crowd. Fortunately, Scott does not appear in a big surprise gesture. He sends flowers. Kim approves. “I’m glad he sent her a really nice gift but kept his distance. I feel like that was really sweet and really mature.” In the least surprising moment of the episode, Kim is late making it to the top of the glacier for Kanye’s video shoot. She spent the time with Kourtney and their friends sightseeing, and the glacier was just too far. By the time they arrive, the shoot is over. Kanye is catching the first helicopter back to the hotel. Kim, come on! You had one job! She feels terrible. “I usually have my shit together, so I’m kind of disappointed in myself,” she says. That night, the whole crew drives out to see the Northern Lights, but Kim and Kayne make an early exit. Kim wants some alone time with him. They head to the studio alone. The Northern Lights never appear, and the Kardashian-Wests disappear, but no one seems to care. Scott does eventually get to celebrate Kourtney’s birthday with a family trip to the petting zoo. He can’t shake that Sad Scott demeanor, though, and still wishes he had been in Iceland. “Just one more thing I didn’t want to miss.”

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