You Won’t Believe How Much Spending Your Summer Like Kylie Costs

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
Thanks to Instagram, it’s hard not to suffer some major FOMO when watching celebrities enjoy their seemingly endless summer vacations. From May to September, according to Instagram, the Kardashians do little but set sail, fly on private jets, and pose poolside while the rest of us go to work, shivering at our desks and longing for those too-few three-day weekends. (Sure, that’s what the fam does year-round, but it especially hurts during these summer months.)
But not this year. No, instead of channeling the essence of Kris & Co. via Lip Kits and selfies, we’re going after what’s rightfully ours and attempting to live a summer of reality-show dreams — or at least we'll bankrupt ourselves trying. In our reality, that's far more likely.
Okay, so we’re not really going to ring up huge credit-card debt to have the summer of a lifetime, but it is kind of fun (horrifying?) to see how much it costs to live like the rich and famous. Sure, renting a yacht probably costs more than your monthly rent, but the Kardashians do enjoy some of the less expensive things in life, too.
Ahead, 14 times we wanted to vacation just like Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kylie, and Kendall — and how much money such fun will set you back.

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