Kendall Jenner Finds A Gray Hair, Loses Her Chill

There are certain life moments that are unforgettable. Our first kiss. Our first love. Our first real job. But what about those moments that aren't quite as glorious, and yet are still forever seared in our minds? Our first break-up. Our first failing grade. And, well, the first time we discover a gray hair. It's not that gray hair is a bad thing; it's just that it can come as a shock! Kendall Jenner experienced that surprising moment recently and documented her minor panic attack for all of Snapchat to see. Her day started out normal: taking videos while her BFF Hailey Baldwin played with her hair. But things quickly took a turn once Baldwin pulled out the aforementioned silver strand. "Hailey just pulled this hair out of my head and we can't tell if it's gray or blond," the 20-year-old reports, with fear in her voice. "It's blond, RIGHT?! It's blond, RIGHT?!" she squeals. Obviously we weren't there IRL to check out said hair, but it looks pretty gray to us. And as far as we're concerned, that's just fine. There are lots of highly effective ways to cover each and every stray silver. And also? Gray hair is chic AF — at any age.

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