Update: Rory Gilmore Recommends All Of The Books To Michelle Obama

Update: It's finally clear why Alexis Bledel was hanging out with Michelle Obama in the White House — and it turns out, it's for a very Rory Gilmore reason. On Friday, the Gilmore Girls Twitter account revealed a video of Bledel, as Rory, stopping by to visit Mrs. Obama with a stack of books. Actually, five or six stacks to choose from before the first lady heads off to Liberia, Morocco, and Spain for the Let Girls Learn initiative. Rory's choices include Jane Austen, Proust, Moby Dick, Anna Karenina, all of Shakespeare, and Sophie's Choice, which she swears you don't have to see the movie to enjoy. Obama ends up choosing one of Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan novels — very fitting.
While this may just be a very clever way to promote the first lady's Snapchat, we can't help but wonder if it's also giving a little intel on what Rory's been up to since we last saw her getting ready to join then-Senator Obama on the election trail. First, Rory says sorry for being a little later than expected since she got distracted in the China room, "again." Interesting. Not to mention, she seems pretty chummy with Mrs. Obama, bringing the first lady a gift from Lorelai: a box of Pop-Tarts, which doesn't seem very presidential, but definitely very Lorelai. Of course, this could all be a dream. Rory has been known to have political cameos, such as Madeline, Albright in her dreams. But here's to hoping Rory is one of the president's besties — and that Netflix will finally reveal a premiere date of the revival.
This post was originally published on June 22. On Wednesday, Michelle Obama Snapchatted some photos from the White House. It seemed like a typical day at work...except that Alexis Bledel was there with her. What was the Gilmore Girls star doing there?
We know Bledel is an Obama supporter. Her Gilmore Girls character Rory worked on the Obama campaign, and the actress tweeted her support for the president when he was first running, according to The Huffington Post. But we've never seen her with the First Lady before. Maybe Michelle shows up in the Gilmore Girls revival? She does call her "Rory."
Or perhaps she's just another diehard fan trying to get intel on the show's release. Still, the possibility that Gilmore Girls will get political again is intriguing.

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