10 Reasons To Watch Gilmore Girls (Again) When It Comes To Netflix

Netflix has answered all of our prayers. The streaming service announced yesterday that all 153 episodes of the glory that is Gilmore Girls will be available for streaming come October 1. Consider us more excited than Paris finding out that Chilton has eliminated group projects entirely. Or, happier than Apple fans when the new iPhone is announced. Either way.
We unabashedly love Gilmore Girls, and we're not alone. The endearing story of Lorelai Gilmore and her BFF/daughter Rory may not mirror many viewers' lives, but the familial bonds, relationship struggles, and pop-culture references in the show are universal. The quick-talking Gilmores and other residents of Stars Hollow are us, and we are them.
It doesn't matter if you missed the G.G. boat or were a diehard superfan. Here are 10 reasons you'll be completely convinced to hunker down and watch the wonderful series in its entirety come October 1. Oh, and it should go without saying, but yes, there are spoilers ahead. Deal with it, as Lorelai would most likely say.

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