10 Reasons To Watch Gilmore Girls (Again) When It Comes To Netflix

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Netflix has answered all of our prayers. The streaming service announced yesterday that all 153 episodes of the glory that is Gilmore Girls will be available for streaming come October 1. Consider us more excited than Paris finding out that Chilton has eliminated group projects entirely. Or, happier than Apple fans when the new iPhone is announced. Either way.
We unabashedly love Gilmore Girls, and we're not alone. The endearing story of Lorelai Gilmore and her BFF/daughter Rory may not mirror many viewers' lives, but the familial bonds, relationship struggles, and pop-culture references in the show are universal. The quick-talking Gilmores and other residents of Stars Hollow are us, and we are them.
It doesn't matter if you missed the G.G. boat or were a diehard superfan. Here are 10 reasons you'll be completely convinced to hunker down and watch the wonderful series in its entirety come October 1. Oh, and it should go without saying, but yes, there are spoilers ahead. Deal with it, as Lorelai would most likely say.
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It's really the only version of Teen Mom that should exist
Lorelai Gilmore got pregnant at 16, but when Gilmore Girls starts, she has a lovely house, a stable job, aspires to own her own business (and attends night school so she can), and she's the mother of a happy daughter. This is the story of a scrappy, smart woman who worked through difficult circumstances to carve out her own place in the world for herself and her loving daughter.
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It's not just a show; it's a lifestyle
Amy Sherman-Palladino's rapid-fire dialogue peppered with pop-culture references is like Aaron Sorkin, only infinitely better. The Gilmores' ongoing allusions have inspired Tumblrs, but their intimate knowledge of the zeitgeist isn't the only hallmark of Lorelai and Rory's cozy world. They're the yin to each other's yang; the Pinky to the other's Brain. They need coffee and cheeseburgers from Luke's to survive. We'll always have what they're having.
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Emily Gilmore
Remember, the title of the show is Gilmore Girls, plural. Lorelai and Rory initially may be the main focus, but once matriarch Emily Gilmore enters the picture, it's a full-on tripod of strong personalities. Lorelai and her mother may not always see eye-to-eye, but there's no denying that Emily's polished point of view heavily influences all of the Gilmores.
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The residents of Stars Hollow
The fictional Connecticut haven is the tiny town of dreams. Everyone knows everyone's business, but in a fun, quirky way. And, speaking of quirky, you can't help but love local personalities like Kirk, Babette, Sookie St. James (hi, Melissa McCarthy!), and Luke's mortal enemy, Taylor. The inhabitants of this New England enclave have enough going on for an entire spin-off of their own.
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The great Jess vs. Dean vs. Logan debate
Forget Edward versus Jacob: This is one love quadrangle we could happily discuss (and write fanfic about) all day.
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Do it for feminism
This is a show about women, but they don't spend their entire lives discussing relationships. Thank you, Amy Sherman-Palladino, for showing the world that such a feat is possible.
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Curmudgeonly, ruggedly handsome Luke was there for the Gilmores through thick and thin, mostly with coffee and fried food. His will-they-won't-they relationship with Lorelai might be the most compelling ongoing storylines in the series, and it's definitely one of the best executed in TV history.
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The mother-daughter relationships
"Do you watch Gilmore Girls? It reminds me of us," my mom once told me on a phone call when I was in college. We're actually nothing like Lorelai and Rory — save for the love of books — but that's the charm of the show. All mothers and daughters can project themselves onto the Gilmore relationship.
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It'll teach you how to open and operate a small inn
Step 1: Get a Michel for the front desk. The rest will fall into place from there.
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It predicted the future
The series finale has Rory moving to Iowa to follow the presidential campaign of an up-and-coming senator named Barack Obama. Something tells us that worked out well.

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