Is The Bachelorette‘s Bad Chad Dating This Contestant’s Ex?

Chad Johnson might be taking this "all's fair in love and war" thing a bit too far. Having been rejected once and for all by JoJo Fletcher on The Bachelorette, this season's villain has moved on to a new lady: Hope Higginbotham. Yes, that's the same Hope Higginbotham who used to date Chad's fellow Bachelorette contestant Robby Hayes. Johnson shared photos of the pair kissing on Instagram, because that's what classy dudes do. He also noted that "a great girl like her" didn't deserve to be dumped by Hayes right before the show, referencing rumors about his love rival's romantic past. You see, it's Hayes, and not Johnson, who just wants to be famous, okay?
Fear not, ladies. Bad Chad remains single. Last night he told Jimmy Kimmel, who managed to get a camera into the Tulsa cave where Johnson is shunning the spotlight, that he and Higginbotham aren't serious. That would be awkward, given his recent addition to the Bachelor in Paradise cast. "We were traveling and we just happened to see each other and things went from there,” he explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “It started off as we were friends, we were just kind of making jokes about it, but we… I don’t know. I don’t want to make any judgments or say where it’s going to go.” So, you're saying there's a chance for us? Praise be.

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