Game Of Thrones Fans Are Ready For A Yara and Daenerys Romance

Game of Thrones fans are familiar with the show's dark twists, especially when it comes to love stories. The show giveth, and it taketh away. But episode 9 teased a new romance fans online are 'shipping: Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys Targaryen. After six seasons of conquests and battles, Daenerys' greatest love affair was with Dothraki king Drogo in the show's first season. Plenty of attractive men have caught her eye since then, but in Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones, fans were excited that the dragon queen might have finally met her new match in Yara.
Episode 7 revealed that Yara (reminder: older sister of Theon and the rightful queen of the Iron Islands) regularly has sex with women. The "reveal" was handled with refreshing casualness, but the insight into Yara's personal life adds excitement to a budding romance. Dany and Yara locked eyes and did some serious smirking this week, enough to fuel fans' hopes for a Yara/Daenerys love story.
The pair were definitely flirting, but their Power Couple-alliance would have major strategic ramifications outside of romance. GoT fans, prepare to add Yara and Daenerys to your list of relationship goals. Read these stories next:
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