Your Victoria’s Secret Bra Could Ruin Your Clothes

Photo: Adam Jeffery/CNBC/Getty Images.
Many of us spend way too much time thinking about our bras. Is it the right size? Can you see it through this shirt? But chances are you haven’t worried too much about your bra actually ruining your clothes. That was certainly the case for one of the writers at BuzzFeed. Kirsten King was enjoying drinks with friends when someone gave her the heads up that there was a wet stain on her shirt. The stain continued to get worse and worse throughout the night with no explanation. “I was wearing a jacket, so I knew I couldn’t have spilled anything on it,” she writes. After a minor panic moment where she worried she might be lactating, she discovered that her Victoria's Secret bra was to blame for the mysterious stain. King took scissors to the bra and found an oily substance leaking from a packet tucked between layers of padding. King isn’t the first person to have this problem with a Victoria’s Secret bra. The internet is littered with lots of unhappy customers reporting the same problem. Jillian Michaels, celebrity super trainer, had the same problem. Michaels posted a picture on Facebook back in 2014 that is very similar to the ones shared on Buzzfeed. King writes that most push-up bras have something similar tucked away in the padding — but usually, the packets don't burst. Common problem or not, this might the excuse you're looking for to start retiring some of your older bras.

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