The Dannijo Sisters Call The Next #ArmParty — & Yes, It Involves Chokers

Photo: Courtesy of Cointreau.
Before the choker made its triumphant comeback, Danielle and Jodie Snyder of jewelry brand Dannijo were already all about the throwback item. Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid (via stylist Monica Rose) certainly had a hand in its rebranding, among all things '90s, for fashion people who were barely born for the first wave. But the brand has often been one step ahead of the curve when it comes to jewelry trends. Remember #armparties? These siblings were instrumental in making that big, if only for taking the guesswork out of the equation. Statement necklaces? Those are Dannijo's bread and butter. So when it comes to spotting the next big thing that's just about to blow up, we thought: Who better to ask than them? We caught up with the sisters at a summertime soirée they hosted in New York with Cointreau. In our chat, below, they reminisce about the '90s, tease what Dannijo ready-to-wear might look like, and call out the next arm party.

Dannijo has been doing chokers for a while now. Thoughts on the piece's sudden comeback?

Danielle Snyder: "We love it, and we love the ‘90s. We grew up watching My So Called Life and listening to Nirvana." Jodie Snyder: "It reminds us of ‘90s slipdresses, and having that minimal, choker moment. It’s nice when everyone takes hold of a jewelry trend, and it becomes popular." How do you predict which nostalgic jewelry trends are bound to make comebacks?
DS: "As jewelry designers, we’re not formally trained, so we’re very instinctual about everything. We’re women that love style and vintage and conversation pieces. For us, it’s from travel and being at the pulse of what’s next."

"You get a vibe. One of us is inspired by something, then gets the other excited about it, and we keep moving more and more in that direction. Jewelry is powerful because it really individualizes your look. Some people can wear a minimal skinny choker; if you’re a little more adventurous, stack up different chokers for more impact. It’s about taking a trend and applying it to how you feel comfortable. Jewelry should make women feel beautiful — we say it's a conversation piece. It should represent your spirit and what mood you’re in."

"Also, the forward-facing hoop is something that Jodie and I are both wearing; they're really flattering on a lot of face shapes. That’s a beautiful silhouette alongside a choker. It really frames the face [nicely]. Also, arm parties are still really big. Jodie and I are both wearing tons of metal [pieces] lately, too." For a while, the arm party was all over social media. What's the next-gen version?
DS: "I personally do the lip and neck, so you can see what’s on your neck, the bottom of your ear, and your lip color. Beauty and jewelry go hand-in-hand — I’ve noticed a lot of women [call] the next big thing as lip liner or lipstick."

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For the CFDA Awards, you created Dannijo ready-to-wear. Is that something in the brand’s future?
DS: "Yes! For sure. The whole body armor thing is the next big wave. Obviously, it’s not as accessible as a velvet choker. But in terms of conversation and statement pieces, jewelry ready-to-wear items that you’ll keep forever — that are museum-worthy — that’s the next big thing. Talking about the Cointreau Soirée, everything to us is a conversation piece, so for Jodie and I, if we had a soirée at our homes, jewelry becomes part of the environment. We drape it on the tables. It becomes a part of the scene. Same with those chain-mail bodices: [They] become art in a home, even when you’re not wearing them. It’s something beautiful to look at." JS: "We’re going to [produce and sell those]." They’re kind of like that chain bra trend we’ve been seeing. What do you think of those?
JS: "I’m into it. If you’re a musician, it might be easier to pull off, but I think you should dress for the occasion — if you have somewhere to wear that, by all means."

"If it feels good, I think it looks good. The general rule with style is: If you feel good in it, go for it, and if you don’t, it’s not for you."

Back to chokers: Any cardinal rules for the uninitiated?
JS: "They’re so versatile. I always like a choker with a white T-shirt and jeans. Also, start with something delicate and minimal. We have amazing little lace ones that are barely there. If you feel confident and you love it, you can go up in size."

"Jodie and I love to layer. The next #armparty for us is the 'choker party.' Whether it’s crystal or velvet chokers, we’ll mix and match a thick one with a skinny one. Have fun playing with the neck and [with] a big earring together."

"The choker party is great for black tie, or the holidays. I love our velvet chokers in different widths that have pendants or embellishments. Mixing a few and wearing with a simple black dress: That's a full look."

Besides the forward-facing hoop, are there any other nostalgic trends making a return?
DS: "I'm seeing a lot of little dangle earrings, especially on girls with multiple piercings. And wearing tons of different-sized hoops up and down the ear — those are fun elements with that ‘90s vibe."
JS: "We love mixing fashion and fine jewelry. I don’t think you have to choose one or the other! We mix metals, too — it’s about having fun with jewelry and personalizing your look. We always buy antique jewelry: If you buy it when traveling, it reminds you of a trip and brings back amazing memories."
Photo: Courtesy of Cointreau.
Now that you’ve talked about treating jewelry as statement pieces, what are other ways of displaying jewelry that’s, well, not on your body?
JS: Living in New York City, we all run out of space. Obviously, we have a pretty extensive collection, and it doesn’t fit in a jewelry box. So, it’s about coming up with creative ways, if you’re entertaining or just decorating your apartment, that other things can wear your jewelry. Sometimes we hang it on the wall, we adorn bowls, we put it over books. We create our own little vignettes with jewelry. For us, it’s art. I have an amazing vintage piece of jewelry that I framed and put in my daughter’s room, and it became a piece of art on the wall. You don’t always have to wear it." DS: "Metal cuffs that are malleable are great as napkin holders — but also to adorn. I have a great bar in my apartment, so I hang all of my cuffs and necklaces on the bottles. It becomes part of the environment and sets the mood."

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