Miley Cyrus Takes A Wrecking Ball To Workplace Sexism In Unaired SNL Sketch

Saturday Night Live just released an unaired sketch from its latest season. In it, Miley Cyrus, who hosted the show back in October and has made a number of memorable appearances on SNL over the years, plays a mistreated employee who takes a stand against workplace sexism. The sketch opens with a male boss known as Dr. Dildorf scolding Miley and a female coworker for bringing him and his colleagues the wrong type of cigar. "We were just little idiots who should've known better," she responds submissively. But when he admits to taking credit for a budget proposal she wrote, she's had enough. The narrator then reveals that the ladies are "Women Workplace Warriors," armed with shoulder pads and "general pizzazz." After the rest of this superhero squad unleashes their powers, a glass ceiling above them literally shatters. "Thanks to that battle, women will be getting equal pay from now on," Miley concludes. Oh, and they turn their boss into a salad — the obvious dream of every woman facing sexism at the office.

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