Audiobooks You Should Be Listening To Literally Right Now

If you're anything like the R29 crew, chances are you spend a lot of time engaged with a screen during the day. So maybe the last thing you want to do after a day of work is fasten your eyeballs to even more text. For book-lovers, that can be a major bummer. Fortunately, you don't need to bury your nose in a novel to get your literary fix. Books on tape may have mostly gone the way of the cassette, but audiobooks stepped in and took their place.
It's fair to say we're audiobook obsessed. There's nothing better than getting up to speed on new titles while we're at the gym, riding the subway, cleaning at home, or just taking a stroll around town — it's the ultimate multitask move. (Another major audiobook benefit, especially this season? Lying in the sand with a story in your earbuds. Can't beat it.)
So what books should make your audio "reading" list? We've got some good ones to get you started...

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