You Can See Now See “Lost Photos” Of Marilyn Monroe

Underwood Archives / UIG/REX/Shutterstock
Marilyn Monroe seems like the most-documented person in the history of the cinema. Her image has graced just about any product imaginable and serves as a handy shorthand for a certain type of person’s dorm room or first apartment. So it seems impossible that there are somehow photographs of Monroe that have gone unseen, especially in celebration the icon’s 90th birthday. Limited Ruins has found some, showcasing a cache of “lost” Monroe photographs alongside their Red Velvet collection. The photos are a testament to the lost days of Hollywood glamour. Monroe can be seen exiting a helicopter, draping herself in furs, and just generally looking like the anthropomorphization of expensive champagne. Of course, that image is in striking contrast with Monroe’s tortured and often-messy personal life. But the glamour is what we’re here for, and the glamour is what we’ll be shown, at least in Beverly Hills. The Lost Photos and more images can be seen June 10, 11 and 12, in celebration of Monroe’s 90th birthday at Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills.