What Hillary Meant When She Told Trump “Delete Your Account”

After Obama endorsed presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump complained over Twitter that the president "wants four more years of Obama — but nobody else does!" Then, Clinton retweeted him, adding the phrase "delete your account." What does this mean? "Delete your account" is a way to throw shade at people, especially politicians, who are out of touch, according to Fusion. It conveys that they are so irrelevant, they shouldn't even be on Twitter.
For example, it's what Edward Snowden tweeted at Jeb Bush after he shared a photo of a gun along with the word "America."
Rand Paul got hit with the phrase when he tried to criticize Obamacare and executive amnesty in the form of a fake text conversation.
Times Square Ball got the "delete your account" treatment for a very untactful #BlackLivesMatter reference.
Blogger Matt Walsh got it for this insensitive comment about rape.
Since Clinton adopted it, the meme's caught on and started trending on Twitter.
But given how much he loves his Twitter rants, Trump probably won't be deleting his account any time soon.

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