The Worst Of Donald Trump’s One-Sided War Against Female Journalists

Donald Trump is not best known for his camaraderie with the media. Or his winning ways with women voters. But when you put the two together, the results can be explosive.

While it's difficult enough to be a man reporting on The Donald's campaign trail, the experience can be even worse for women. The Washington Post has chronicled some of the most shocking examples: reporters who ask Trump to explain or clarify statements may find themselves suddenly the subject of abuse and insult. Even when Trump seems reasonable in the moment, he may later lash out on social media, and his supporters often follow.
The most notable example is perhaps his primarily one-sided social media feud with Megyn Kelly, which made headlines when it resulted in Trump's withdrawal from the Republican debate on January 28. In the hours immediately before the debate, Kelly, one of the event's moderators, was subject to an astonishing stream of misogynistic slurs from Trump's supporters.
Sadly, Kelly isn't alone in being the target of Trump's special charm. Click through for a selection of his distasteful attacks on strong women.

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