Khloé Kardashian’s Medicine Cabinet Is Tricked-Out

Image: Courtesy of Khloe With A K.
Whoa. When did Khloé Kardashian become Monica Geller? The reality star showed off her fully stocked, highly organized medicine cabinet in a video posted on her website this weekend. The woman is pretty much prepared for the apocalypse, should cans of hairspray and sticks of deodorant guarantee survival. “Every girl has their medicine cabinet of their home," she joked in the video. "Normally, it’s small and confined in their bathroom. I have a little aisle at CVS in my home.” No kidding. Every imaginable drugstore and beauty product is stocked in bulk and stored in clear plastic tubs. The self-described Costco lover, who just passed 50 million Instagram followers, takes pride in her serious stash. “If there were an earthquake — knock on wood that there’s not — come on to Koko’s house,” she shared. “I will have anything you need. Maybe not food, but what matters is hygiene.”
At least she's got some Emergen-C.

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