Megan Fox Says The Spirit Of Chelsea Handler’s Unborn Fetus Is In The Comedian’s Dog

We know Megan Fox is prone to saying things that sound little "out there." (Or, let's be honest, sometimes they sound bat-shit crazy.) Just earlier this week, Fox revealed that she moved to a new house in Los Angeles because her unborn baby told her to. But still, we did not see this one coming.
Fox stopped by Chelsea Handler's Netflix talk show Chelsea this week to chat about everything from being pregnant with her third child to astrology. In the interview, the actress shared a spiritual insight with Handler that still has us scratching our heads. Fox believes that an unborn fetus from Handler's past (Handler has had an abortion) is communicating to the comedian through the her beloved, loyal dog Chunk. "I do feel like the dog was chosen for you by a family member that's crossed over that communicates to you through the dog, that helps the dog nurture you," she explained.
Confused? Allow Fox to elaborate. "There's a soul that's around you and around your dog that was a child, that was conceived at some point that's yours," she said. "That's over there with your mother, and they do sort of watch over you through the dog." Still confused? Sorry, we can't help you. All we can do is offer you a beautiful two-minute clip of their wildly entertaining conversation, below.

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