Hillary Duff Has Befriended A Raccoon

Hilary Duff has long been an animal lover. She's got two dogs, Peaches and Dubois, and she was heartbroken over the death of her last dog Beau in January. She's also been spotted at fundraisers for animal welfare.

Her love of animals isn't limited to domestic pets, though. She's also a fan of forest creatures, apparently.

According to a post on Instagram from late last night, Duff recently received a visit from a wildlife conservationist friend of hers and a tiny raccoon he's rehabilitating. In the photo, she's holding the raccoon in her hand like a stuffed animal. (Kids, don't try this at home.)


Her friend isn't identified by name, but he's known on Instagram as @grizkid, "bear scientist," and he's getting his master's in wildlife conservation. The raccoon, whose name is "pants," is the star of his page, riding around on his shoulder like a cartoon character.

Pants it is. Which, ironically, is the same thing I say to myself every morning.

A photo posted by Wes (@grizkid) on

Where can we get a friend like @grizkid to bring raccoons over for playdates?

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