The New Wonder Woman Barbie Is Badass

Photo: Courtesy of DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.
Barbie has been on a roll lately. In September, the iconic line of dolls — which has a long history of inspiring unrealistic ideas of beauty in young, impressionable girls — released a Zendaya doll, complete with dreadlocks. In December, Mattel introduced an Ava DuVernay Barbie. In January, we met the first collection of Barbies with body proportions that a woman wouldn't need to surgically remove a few ribs to achieve. And just this month, prima ballerina Misty Copeland got her own doll, complete with muscular calves.
And now? We've got an Amazonian warrior princess, people. In this case, "we" specifically means the lucky few people who'll attend San Diego Comic-Con this summer with an extra $80 in their pocket. At the July fest, Mattel will debut a brand-new Wonder Woman Barbie based on Gal Gadot's film portrayal of the character, USA Today reports. While Mattel actually released a Wonder Woman doll earlier this year, this one is decidedly more badass, with her super-fancy costume and trés chic gold lamé cape. She also comes complete with her signature tiara, lasso, sword, shield, and patriotic bustier.
No, she doesn't look like us. Or anyone IRL, really. But in light of the fact that big-box female superheroes often don't even get their own action figures, consider us pleased.
Photo: Courtesy of Mattel via USA Today.

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