Spencer Pratt Tells Us Exactly What He Thinks Of Everyone From The Hills

Over Snapchat, former The Hills villain Spencer Pratt flipped through an issue of Us Weekly featuring the reality show's cast, and he did not hold back any of his opinions.

He went through the story character by character and narrated what he imagined each one to be thinking. "You know what that look is?" he said while opening to a picture of Lauren Conrad. "That's the look that The Hills isn't getting canceled because you had a little hissy fit and quit and they're bringing Kristin Cavallari."

"I'm not really listening to a word LC's saying because I have my own spinoff coming up called The City and I'll never have to hear her voice ever again," he said in a voice mimicking Whitney Port.

When it got to Audrina Patridge, he narrated, “I was supposed to be a Hollywood actress. What happened?"

The Hills may be long over, but Pratt certainly isn't ceding his position as the show's villain any time soon. On the other hand, he's happily married to his former co-star Heidi Pratt and was recently spotted at Brody Jenner's engagement party, so it looks like he's managed to make it out without becoming everyone's enemy.

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