Turns Out Lauren Conrad’s Parisian Beau On The Hills Was Fake Too

Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta / Contributor.
At this point, we know that much of The Hills was totally contrived by the network and its producers — the romance, the breakups, the cat fights and all. Now its been nearly 10 years since the show's premiere episode on May 31, 2006, and the former cast continues to come out with more truth bombs. Get ready for this one, because it might burst your bubble: Lauren Conrad's fairy-tale evening featuring a "midnight tour around Paris" was fake. Not only was it fake, but Conrad also wound up fighting with producers after refusing to kiss the man they cast as her beau for the trip. Conrad recently told Us Weekly just how awkward the whole experience was, especially dealing with the pushy producers who wanted to add a romantic narrative to her Parisian episode. "They had picked out this boy — they had this idea that I needed to fall in love in Paris," she told the magazine. "So they had picked out this boy who was very nice, but I just wasn't interested. In Paris, they wanted me to kiss that boy good night. And I got into a huge fight with my producer in the lobby! He was like, 'You didn't even give him a kiss good night.' And I was like, 'I don't like that boy — why would I kiss him good night?!' And [the producer] was like, 'It would be the perfect ending!' And I'm like, 'No.'" To refresh your memory, this is Matthias, the guitarist.
To refresh your memory further, here is the context of why Conrad finally getting to Paris was such an important episode. Back in season 1, Conrad gave up the opportunity to go to Paris with Teen Vogue to stay with her then-boyfriend Jason Wahler, and wound up deeply regretting her choice. By season 3, Conrad was presented with the chance once more and made the (ahem, right) choice to go. While in Paris, Conrad met a cute French musician and rode around with him through the twinkling lights of the city after working an event for the magazine. Whitney Port even had a line or two in the episode encouraging Conrad to go out with the guy, because when else would she be given this opportunity again? So basically The Lizzie McGuire Movie, right? Except, as Conrad revealed, not so much. MTV trying to make a young girl kiss a random guy is just gross. But good for Conrad, who says she stood her ground in Paris. Back in America, she did humor the producers by trying to ignite fireworks in her relationship with (a now engaged) Brody Jenner. "We were always more friends than anything," the 30-year-old told Us. "It was always a blurred, weird relationship… He was always very sweet to me, and we enjoyed each other's company, but I think it was one of those things where producers really wanted us to be together, and we both knew that we didn't really have that kind of chemistry. But at the same time, we were friends, and we were happy to film together." Is nothing sacred, even on reality television? Watch the clip from season 3 of The Hills, below.

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