Let These Feminist Hogwarts Slogans Cast Their Spell On You

J.K. Rowling would definitely be into Louise Reimer's illustrations that reimagine the world of Harry Potter.

The 27-year-old artist teamed up with Sparknotes to give the elite Hogwarts a makeover full of some much-needed feminist ideals. They're as charming as they are defiant. Reimer used the four house names — Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin — to create puns incorporating inspiring "Don't Mess With Me" messages that any Harry Potter fan and feminist would enjoy. We only wish the Sorting Hat thought like this, too. Reimer spoke to Refinery29 via email to give a bit more background to the drawings — and why she thinks the wizarding world is sexist.

What inspired you to create this series?
"I created these images in collaboration with Sparknotes. They approached me about making Feminist Harry Potter slogans, and I was really into it because Harry Potter, books, and feminism are all things I'm definitely into."
Did you grow up reading the series?
"I read the series when I was a teenager. I thought they were dorky until one day, I was at a friend's house, and I picked up the fourth book, and it was so scary and gripping. Then, I went back and started from the beginning."
Did you have a favorite female character?
"I liked Luna Lovegood and Professor Trelawney, but I wish there was more of a variety of female characters with more depth in the series. It seems like a lot of the female characters have to work really hard to be taken seriously, like Hermione and Professor McGonagall. Whereas the boys, like Ron, can be goofy, but still good wizards." Below are the four illustration and slogans for each of the four houses of Hogwarts. They're as charming as they are provocative. These are their feminist mottos. Hear them roar.
Team Gryffindor
Show The Patriarchy The Gryffindor.
Team Ravenclaw
Keep Your Ravenclaws Off My Body.
Team Hufflepuff
Give 'Em Helga.
Team Slytherin
What Snake Did Your Sense Of Entitlement Slytherin On?

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