The Internet Is Obsessed With These Classic Makeup Transformations

You may have been scrolling through Facebook yesterday, wondering why so many photos of Audrey Hepburn kept popping up in your feed. Surprise! They're not all of the beloved actress. In fact, they're the work of 17-year-old Annelies van Overbeek, a teenager from Belgium whose impressive makeup transformations are going viral.
Her Instagram account, BewitchedQuills, started out like any other teen's, but has slowly morphed into a time machine. Van Overbeek, it seems, is skilled at transforming herself into many vintage-era queens — most notably, Audrey Hepburn.
"It basically started about a year ago, when I cut my hair into a pixie cut and people started comparing me to Audrey Hepburn," van Overbeek tells Refinery29 over email. "I wasn't very familiar with Old Hollywood at the time, but when I looked into it, I pretty much instantly fell in love with the timeless elegance of silver-screen glamour."
She's slowly learned to copy Hepburn's iconic eyebrows, eye makeup, and hairstyles. Interestingly enough, she realized the most important part of playing Hepburn is her posture. "She was a ballet dancer and that was visible in the way she moved," van Overbeek says. "So I basically try to hold that in mind when I'm doing Audrey. Nothing can compare to her, though!"
Van Overbeek isn't just a Hepburn lookalike, however. The teen is talented at re-creating many iconic looks from art and movies. Ahead, the best transformations from the Instagram star.

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