Lena Dunham Is Publishing Her Diary

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
Lena Dunham has always been open with her fans about her private life, but she's about to get even more confessional. The Girls creator and star is releasing a collection of journal entries in the form of a chapbook. The volume, titled Is It Evil Not to Be Sure?, is available for $25 on Dunham's Lenny Letter site. Only 2,000 copies of the book's first edition will be printed.

Dunham explained that the entries, which she wrote between 2005 and 2006 and rediscovered this year, left her with mixed emotions. On the one hand, she was a little embarrassed by her teenage self. But she also felt proud, writing, "I was also moved by — maybe even proud of — how carefully I had recorded that period of time, my younger self's commitment to capturing the kinds of hyper-internal formative moments so often lost to adulthood."
All proceeds from the sale of the chapbook will go to Girls Write Now, an organization that helps teen girls find their own unique writing voice. Dunham explained that using her own teenage voice to support the group feels fitting, writing of its mission, "I can't think of a more admirable goal for an organization, or a better reason to expose the oft troubling thought patterns of my final teenage year."

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