The Latest Kardashian Makeup Trend Will Shock You


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Kim Kardashian, she who has spun the act of taking provocative selfies into an award-winning cottage industry, has long shocked the public with her social feed. But this time, the reality star has revealed something so seemingly off-brand, we’re stunned speechless: According to InStyle, Kardashian recently introduced a new tradition via Snapchat — no-makeup Tuesdays. That’s right, the woman who brought more-is-more makeup to the masses goes makeup-free as often as once a week. Apparently, on boring ol' Tuesdays — in which no one is dedicating throwbacks, flashbacks, or otherwise — the reality star eschews her much-loved contouring palettes and falsies, giving both her overworked pores and makeup artists a hard-earned break. So what does the girl who is rarely seen with a hair out of place do with the time saved by bypassing the glam room? She invite pals over for dinner instead. Because a tradition wouldn't be a tradition without a dedicated hashtag, Kim’s newly minted ritual is tagged #NMT (No Makeup Tuesdays). Which means we not only expect to see a severe uptick in #NMT posts across our social feeds, but are primed for a slew of dinner invites come early next week. We’ll be there, friends — with no makeup on.

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