This Is Totally What It Was Like Growing Up In The 2000s

Photo: Getty Images.
Your teen years are unavoidably littered with missteps. You probably should have dedicated more time to calculus and less to The O.C. You're lucky you made it through all the high school "road trips" unscathed. And some of the purchases you made were definitely questionable.
But the tech blunders you made in your youth hold a particular place in your memory, right between nostalgia and painful embarrassment. Remember that dial-up noise? Those were the days. (The days when you had an away message loaded with Evanescence or Dashboard Confessional lyrics.)
In 2016, there have never been so many ways to look like a fool with the assistance of the internet. But back in 1999 or 2006, our tech blunders were somehow even more face-palm worthy. In case you've forgotten, we've dredged up nine situations you weren't alone in sharing. Mom, can I have my flip phone back now?

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